Women and Medicine
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“Male chauvinism pervades American medicine from the doors of medical school to the slabs of the hospital morgue.”

Dr. Mendelsohn pointed out that the most advanced nations in the world use midwives, and their infant and maternal mortality and morbidity statistics surpass those of American obstetricians.

Dr. Mendelsohn warned of the dangers of x-rays and mammography, pointing out that women are twice as likely as men to get cancer from the effects of radiation. He also highlighted “unnecessary and discredited” Pap smears, the dangers of the birth control pill, avoidable hysterectomies, and the use of radical mastectomies when less disfiguring, equally effective procedures are available.

Doctors have converted pregnancy into a nine-month disease, and harm babies by limiting mothers’ weight gain during pregnancy…Abuse of pregnant women…includes ultrasound, fetal x-rays, amniocentesis, anti-nausea drugs, induced labor, fetal monitors and the painkillers used during labor and delivery, all of which are harmful to mother and child.

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