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“Doctor-prescribed drugs of modern medicine kill more people than illegal street drugs.”

Dr. Mendelsohn encouraged patients to look up the prescribing information for drugs they were considering taking, since “doctors either play down the side-effects [of drugs] or conceal them altogether.”

He also encouraged patients to learn about lifestyle changes and natural approaches, rather than turning to powerful drugs like corticosteroids, the birth control pill, post-menopausal estrogens, anti-hypertension, anti-arthritis, and anti-cholesterol drugs. As a pediatrician, he was particularly disturbed by the dangerous drugging of children for so-called hyperactivity.

When an antibiotic fights one infection, it may encourage an even worse infection by a strain of bacteria that is resistant to the drug…the germs grow stronger while the patients and their pocketbooks grow weaker. All of which would not happen if doctors recognized that antibiotics have…a severely limited place in medicine…A person may need an antibiotic three or four times during his entire life, at times when the stakes are worth the risks.

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