Male Practice: How Doctors Manipulate Women
Dr. Mendelsohn's book on the medical mistreatment of women


In his 1981 book, Male Practice: How Doctors Manipulate Women, Dr. Mendelsohn presented data showing that women were subjected to more diagnostic tests and procedures than men.  Women were also prescribed psychiatric drugs at more than twice the rate for the same psychological symptoms (p. 60).   Dr. Mendelsohn was concerned about surgery, too, especially the increasing rates of major obstetric and gynecologic surgical procedures such as hysterectomy, radical mastectomy, and Caesarean section, which led to an excess of morbidity and mortality, rather than improvements in women’s health. “Surgeons in this country operate twice as often as those in England and Wales, without any significant difference in therapeutic results! The only thing American women have to show for much of this knifemanship is the world’s largest collection of surgical scars.” (p. 79) He wrote about the dangers of hospital births, and believed that “the safest place for a healthy mother to have her baby is not in a hospital, but at home.” (p. 140)