Hospitalization and Surgery
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 “A hospital is like a war. You should try your best to stay out of it. And if you get into it, you should take along as many allies as possible and get out as soon as you can.”

There are germs in hospitals that you can’t get anywhere else in town.

Ninety percent of the most common operations, including cancer surgery, coronary bypass surgery, and hysterectomies, are at best of little value and at worst quite harmful.

Instead of “First do no harm,” doctors believe: “First do something.”

In their lusting after the status and power of surgeons, obstetricians are rapidly turning the natural process of childbirth into a surgical procedure. Postoperative complications occur in half of all women who deliver by Caesarean section. And the maternal death rate is 26 times higher than in women who deliver vaginally.

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